In her eponymous label - DARÈS - founder and Creative Director, Jennifer Darès takes a fearless approach to design; encouraging us to expand our understanding of femininity by inventing silhouettes that toe the line between timeless sophistication and rebellious self expression.

Jennifer believes that a wardrobe should be a collection of what delights us, what empowers us, and what inspires us.It must be curated mindfully, because at its core, it is a tangible form of communication - it speaks on our behalf and it tells the world who we are, where we’ve been and what we value.

Jennifer values integrity. She values tradition and ingenuity and artistry and individuality. With a non-discriminatory approach to inspiration development, her aesthetic is informed by art, film, architecture, photography, history and contemporary global culture.

DARÈS Studio finds itself located at a quintessentially Torontonian crossroads of modernity and heritage. Surrounded by mirrored glass skyscrapers, the atelier stands within the confines a stunning Victorian row-house in the historic Cabbagetown neighbourhood, featuring a mid-century interior designed by Finnish architect, Vijo Gabriel Revell.

The myriad of juxtapositions surrounding the studio acts as an incubator for creativity - a place where designer Jennifer Darès is free to construct a world of her own - the ultimate playground for the imagination.

Jennifer can be contacted at info@daresstudio.com

Jennifer Dares

Backstage Spring Summer 2003

Backstage, Spring Summer 2003.

Spring Summer 2003

Spring Summer 2003.

Fall Winter 2003

Backstage, Fall Winter 2003.

Macleans, 2003.

Macleans 2003.

Fall Winter 2004

Fall Winter 2004.

Flare, 2002

Flare, 2002.